Vexa Global Review [2019] – How To Earn Money? Compensation Plan Explained


First thing I want you to know before you read my opinion&overview of  Vexa Global is I am not typical Network Marketing  Guy who will preach „this is best business for 2019”  or any of hyping up stuff. My ideal target for this article are other network marketers, not auntie Jollie who will take loan or put life savings in platform like this.

Surely, There’s a lot of money to be made in projects like Vexa, Exp Asset, Futurenet and so on but they are not sustainable and always going to turn into scams. They work only for few years maximum and the later you join the bigger risk that you will lose your capital.

There are tons of millionaires or six figure earners because platforms like these but there’s also tons of people who lost their initial capital. The decision is up to you.

Vexa Global was just recently launched (on May 5th 2019) so we have a long time to go but if you are not confident with putting money there or any similar platform  then – DON’T.

Important disclosure:

My Vexa Global registration links on this website are referral links, you will be in my team which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission and YOU get benefits from structure I’m building. Please do not invest any money into the platform unless you feel your are absolutely sure you want to get in.

// What is Vexa Global?

Vexa global is platform officialy launched in May 2019 by Global Partner LLC which exist since 2015 and is mainly involved in trading but also over last few years Vexa Global Specialists were involved in various ICO projects, building blockchain projects infrastructure, designing software for ATMs and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Vexa Global Vision is quite extensive so I will list only few points, you can read everything in presentation here:

  • Construction  of  the  world’s  largest  ATM  infrastructure  for  exchanging  (buying/selling)  bitcoins  and several other top cryptocurrencies.
  • Creation and promotion of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange using our platform.
  • Creating and implementing own revolutionary payment system around the world using cryptocurrencies.

Vexa Global CEO

Vexa Global CEO is Thomas Alvec.

Official office opening took on 5th May in Talinn, Estonia. Office is open for any guests, just write to Vexa if you want to meet up and go visit office. Some of the leaders attended the event. First bonuses were given.

My Investment Results&Overview Video

I have registered on the platform in beta stage on 9th April and right away made my first small investment of 52$ to test the platform.

In „My packages” section you can look up how much you have already made back and how much you will get after package expiration. For 6th July my 52$ investment has made $32.76 and total income I will get from this package is $67.6, so it’s 30% profit I will earn after package expiration. I’m halfway through it and right now everything works smooth 🙂

As the platform is considered fairly fresh and it’s very good thing in MLM/Network Marketing I plan to focus on this platform alone for next years and invest more in coming months.

How To Register On Vexa Global

Step 1: To register in Vexa Global&Join Our Team:

>> Register – Click Here <<

Step 2: Click on register and fill all the needed information.

Step 3: Make sure your inviter& upline number is VX814454 to reap benefits from TURNOVERBONUS

(Click Here to read more about TURNOVERBONUS – what it is and what why it’s beneficial for you )

// Vexa Global Compensation Plan


Vexa Global have few package options – Basic, Premium, Exclusive.

They differ by the amount you invest and time they work before expiring.

Minimal investment package is just 50$ paid in BTC.

The packages are:

  • $50-$999 – Basic Package (working for 130 business days)
  • $1000-$9999 – Premium Package (working for 150 business days)
  • $10,000-$100,000$ – Exclusive Package (working for 180 business days)

From Packages in Vexa Global we receive 1% daily, so for investing 100$ you get 1$ from Monday-Friday for 130 business days, 1000$ investment will get you 10$ Monday-Friday for 150 business days) and so on.

Wallets Explanation

There are 3 wallets:

*Main Balance – The funds from all individual packages are transferred to this wallet:

1. ,,Basic” – every Friday

2. ,,Premium” – every second Friday

3. ,,Exclusive” – every fourth Friday

*Fund Balance – This balance is used only to purchase packages and to make a transfers to another users.

*Affiliate Balance – Balance to which you will collect all commissions and bonuses from your structure.


The most important thing about referral system here is you can truly focus on working with you team thanks to new system of recommending.

You can invite new partners in this system for people who are already your partners, and YOU as inviting person will receive full commission from package purchases of that invited person while whole structure will accrue the turnover.

This is why in your referral link you will find two codes.

First code will be code of your partner and the second code is you personal one. You will register new member under this person and you will get all amount of commission but your partner will get turnover.

The recommendation system consists of 14 levels and the bonus forreferring is between 6% and 18% of all deposits your referred person will make.

You start with Carrer level 1, which means your Basic ref. percentage bonus you get in the start is 6%. For each investment made by your referred person you get 6% of his investment amount (initial plus reinvestments), so if your referral buy package for 1000$ you get 60$ bonus instantly added to your balance.


Commission from binary system is calculated based on your career ref % level you achieved minus (-) % of level of person you referred who referred someone else.

So for example If you are level 3 and you have referred someone and he is level 1 and he also referred someone to structure, you get 10%-6% = 4% of investment of the person who registered under referral you brought.

I think I don’t need to explain why this is so lucrative, especially after couple of months when your structure will grow to decent number of partners 🙂

Vexa Global Turnover&Career Benefits

It’s good to register under someone who don’t idle as you get benefits for turnover in structure and can get great cash and item bonuses [400 000$ bonus+Bentley Continental GT for achieving the highest 14th Level, who’s gonna get it first guys?) 😉

For achieving new career levels – which means specific amount of turnover in structure you get following bonuses:

For leveling up to career level 2 you need 10 000$ in structure turnover, own package of minimum value of $200 and have 2 legs/lines in structure –  your referring bonus will be bumped from 6% to 8%.

For leveling up to career level 3 you need $30,000 in structure turnover, own package of minimum value of $200 and have 2 legs/lines in structure –  your referring bonus will be bumped from 8% to 10%.

For leveling up to career level 4 you need $60,000 in structure turnover, own package of minimum value of $500 and have 2 legs/lines in structure –  your referring bonus will be bumped from 10% to 11%.

Remember you need to have own investment package of the amount listed under each level badge.

Investment Packages don’t sum up for achieving career levels so you can’t have for example two 50$ packages to count it for Carreer Level 2 and so on.

How to Buy Vexa Global Packs

Now I will show you step by step how you can invest in Vexa Packages.

(To perform below steps, you have to be signed up in Vexa.)

Step 1: Log in to Vexa Global.

Before you can buy packages you need to refill your wallet. „Fund Balance” is showing funds available to buy packages/invest. To load this wallet Click on „Refill”.

– Put the amount you want to load your wallet and send to your unique BTC address.

Step 2: Click on „Buy Packages”.

Step 3: Choose which package you want to buy.

If you want to invest:

1.$50-$999 – Buy Basic Package (130 business days)

2.$1000-$9999 – Buy Premium Package (150 business days)

3.$10,000-$100,000$ – Buy Exclusive Package (180 business days)

Step 4: Select funding balance:

– If it’s your first investment select „Fund Balance”  to use the money you have already send to your Vexa Global Funding Wallet (check Step #2 to see how to fund your investment balance)

– you can select „Main” balance as a funding if you already earned passive profit from your previous investments

– you can also check „Affiliate” balance to use your referral/affiliate commission you have earned by referring other people to use as a funding for you investment

Calculator (+video)

*Compound investing

By using compound interest you can multiple your investment in few months. As you could read in „Packages” section before different type of packages are paid in different termins

So you can’t really reinvest every week  unless you only have multiple „basic” packages which maximum investment package is 999$. (I’m strictly talking only about reinvesting profit from investing packages, not affiliate bonuses as affiliate bonuses balance is disposable instantly and you don’t need to wait till your investment profits are transferred to main balance )

This is both good&bad – good because it protects Vexa Global of too much capital going out and thus increases longevity of the platform and bad because you reinvest your money from investment package profits less frequently.

Right now I’m preparing advanced calculator for you so you will be able to easily calculate your potential reinvestment profits.

It will be available to access on my Vexa Global Facebook Group.

How To Withdraw Money

Minimum amount to withdraw is 50$ and withdrawal fee is 5$. Maximum amount you can withdraw is 10 000$ but number of withdrawals are not limited.

It takes anywhere from 24h-72h. Withdrawals are made in BTC.

To withdraw your money go to:

Step 1: Log in to your Vexa Global Account.

Step 2: Click on —> „Payouts” option.

If you haven’t set your Bitcoin withdrawal address go to settings –> Cryptocurrency wallets – and paste your BTC Wallet Address there.

Step 3: Select from which balance you want to withdraw money – Main (Your Profit From Investment Packages) or Affiliate Balance.

Step 4: Choose how much money you want to withdraw (remember about 50$ minimum)

Step 5: Click „Order Payout”.

Step 6: Now go to your email you register with on Vexa to confirm your withdrawal. (If you didn’t setup google authenticator)

My Opinion&Summary

Vexa Global  is fairly fresh website and From my previous experiences with Network Marketing it’s very good sign for this type of business.

I see it has back up in a lot of top leaders from other platforms like Futurenet, Exp Asset and etc. but still not that many users comparable to these previously mentioned platforms.

I’m quite sure it will have similar growth pattern to and we will see it peaking after around 1.5 year mark.

So If you are interested, don’t wait, the faster you join the better place in structure you get& it’s easier to make more in shorter time.

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