EXP ASSET: How to Start Earning Money Here? [GUIDE]


Recently, making money online using RevShare programs became extremely popular among internet users.

Year after year, the interest is growing, which didn’t remain unnoticed by MLM companies. They are coming out with increased engagement to meet user’s needs, offering more interesting conditions and outpacing their competition, by offering luxury bonus prizes for the implementation of marketing plans.

I’ve paid special attention to EXP ASSET for many reasons – and I am going to tell you why. Who knows, maybe you will need some extra knowledge about MLM topic.

Let’s start from the scratch…

Exp Asset – Platform for demanding users

EXP Asset is a company which associates professionals in the fields of:

  • trading
  • financial analysis
  • investment
  • cryptocurrency exchanges and financial markets

The company is registered in the United Kingdom and its share capital is GBP 250,000.

Exp Asset cooperates with leading Polish and foreign traders (traders acquired from cooperation with EXP ASSET Ltd. form a team of the best traders from Germany and Poland).

It allows us to think, that it is a competent team that additionally shares knowledge, organize numerous trainings and providing educational materials.

These aspects are particularly important in online marketing.

When we undertake to build a structure by acquiring new users, we need to be sure that an experienced and knowledgeable leader is responsible for everything – it rises confidence and provides security.

– (Link) Kufieta Law Firm Audit – Legal Opinion


Patryk Krupiński, CEO Exp Asset Ltd.

The owner of EXP Asset is a young man, but his past is rich in experience in financial markets.

Patryk Krupiński is the founder, originator and president of EXP Asset. From the age of 16, he showed interest in trading in securities while he developed his knowledge in this field independently

He was educated in Luxembourg, and after reaching the age of 18 he started his activity on the financial markets.



// What is Exp Asset?

Exp Asset is an EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM that combines the science of trading with financial benefits and bases its operations on the revshare model.

The simple way of explaining it, is to show it as an action of sharing profits from trading with users and receiving commissions for acquiring new users and supporting the sales structure




Purchase of products and services that are delivered via the platform, and the payment of financial benefits, bonuses and commissions, are carried out using the BITCOIN cryptocurrency.

Investment Value and Type of Educational Materials

There are several packages available to users that allows them to join the 120-day BINARY PLAN.

Each of the 5 packages of this plan enables users to join a paid access to the investment and training platform – they receive financial benefits depending on the profits generated by the company (about 1% daily on the amount of our investment in the Binary Plan) and access to materials:

* Live Trading Room – where traders make transactions on capital markets. The ability to track transactions made by EXP ASSET Ltd. traders live.
** Trade Idea – Daily publication of possible scenarios on selected currency pair, index or raw material.
*** TRADING CAMP – a foreign trip combined with training conducted by EXP ASSET Ltd. traders


Step 1: We register an account at Exp Asset:

—————>> register <<—————

(this is my referral link, I am not urging you to register under me … remember, however, that one leg of the binary is built by your sponsor, i.e. the person under which you have registered, so choose a person who does not idle)

Step 2: We load our wallet (Cash Wallet) – to do this click “+ Add funds” in the upper right corner. We copy the BTC / LTC address and send money to it (we send the equivalent of minimum $100).

Step 3: After loading our Cash wallet, we can buy products offered to us by Exp Asset, i.e. we buy Binary Plan and / or Matrixes



We are able to get our payment in the “Withdrawal” tab, remembering that the fee is 5 $ and confirming the order by clicking on the link that we’ve received by email.

The minimum withdraw amount is $50 (paid in bitcoins, there is a conversion of the value of $ to BTC at the time of withdrawal request)

// How to make money in EXP ASSET – # 3 Ways?

Ok, now we’re going to the most important part – how do you make money here and what is it all about?

We will briefly discuss how to gain profit on the platform and divide it into two categories – for those who want to build their own structure of referrals, as well as for those who only want to invest in one of the plans without recruiting other people.

1. „Binary Plan”

We make a deposit of minimum $100 – from this moment from Monday to Friday on our account (Profit Wallet / Blue Wallet) we will gain between 0.5-1.5% of the amount paid by us.

The percentage is different, but on the average it is about 1% / day. It depends on the value of the trades that the team from Exp Asset is doing.

The package expires after 120 days.


If you deposit minimum $1000 into a binary plan, you will unlock 8% of DIRECT BONUS, i.e. for each person who registers under you and also invests in a binary plan, you get 8% of his (or hers) deposit

Example: for $1000, you get $ 80, which is immediately added to the green wallet – you can withdraw funds from your wallet instantly to your BTC wallet.

(!) To unlock the bonus it is necessary that the deposit isn’t split into two smaller ones, i.e. when we deposit 800 $ and then 200 $ the bonus will not unlock.

It is necessary to make one payment.

UPDATE: From February 17, Exp Asset has reduced the amount which you will have to pay
to unlock DIRECT BONUS.

Now, by depositing a MINIMUM of $250, however, they’ve reduced the value of the bonus and we get 4% instead of 8% of the deposit.

2. Matrixes / Mining

We can divide matrixes into:

*temporary, which we have for 18 months (from which we derive a passive profit)

In order to buy matrixes that make a passive profit, you MUST also buy previous ones, i.e. buy permanent matrixes. If you want to buy all matrixes, the total cost will be 1975 $.

Calculating cryptocurrency from the cryptocurrency mining machines (mainly ETH mining) looks like this:

1. $ 250 Matrix – 12.5 MH / s = $ 0.71 of daily profit
2. $ 500 Matrix – 25 MH / s = $ 1.43 of daily profit
3. $ 1000 Matrix – 50 MH / s = $ 2.85 of daily profit

Together, it is about $ 4.99 per day for owners of every matrix.

However, this is not the end of earnings, for those who decide to build their network of referrals.



At the moment when one of our registered users make a purchase of the matrix, which we also bought, we get 5% of this amount.

So when:

1. You own every matrix: permanent + temporary (1975 $) and our referral will also buy all the matrixes, you will get 5% of 1975 $ which gives a commission of 98.75 $ straight into your wallet.

2. You only have permanent matrixes for a total of $225: if your referral (registered buyer) has a matrix that you do not own, eg M250, then you do not get a commission from it. In this case, you get 5% of $ 225 = $ 11.25, even if the referred user buys all the matrixes (for $ 1975)

Update: Two new matrixes are going to be available from March: M2000 and M4000.


// 50% VIP BONUS (for 1000$ matrix owners)

  • We get an additional 50% from the purchase of matrixes from people who are recruited by OUR REFERRALS.
  • Our mining power increases by 2% of the mining power bought by partners of our partners



This is a bonus of 10% on the trade with WEAKER LEG.

To qualify for this bonus, you have to recruit one active person up and down (promoting your TOP and BOTTOM reflinks) – go to the “Affiliation” tab to copy your unique links.

Once you have an active person on the top + bottom, continue building your weaker leg. The other leg is being built by your sponsor.

Explanation of Wallets

After the first look at the dashboard, you can get pretty tired of understanding the differences between all available wallets and options.

After a deeper analysis, it turns out that it is not as complicated as it looks.

exp asset wallets




It shows us how much money we have paid into the Binary Plan. After entering the details, we will gain access to all the amounts we have paid and the number of days we have left before they expire.


We can deposit it with funds which we want to spend on exp asset investments.

After clicking “deposit” we will send our funds to the given BTC address and then we can use them to buy:
* Matrix (computing power from mining machines)
* Investment in a binary plan


Funds gained from deposits into binary plan will be added into this wallet.

It is updated everyday at 23:00.

Remember that counts are only being made on business days, i.e. Money is added Monday-Friday. At the end of the week, all funds are moved from the profit wallet to “Wallet”.

You can withdraw them only when the funds from here are moved to “Wallet” (green).


Calculation from our purchased matrixes, in other words, the profits from mining cryptocurrencies.
Calculation is daily.

Money goes to “Wallet” (green) between 5th-10th day of the month.


All calculations from the binaries and miners that will be moved to this wallet can be immediately paid out

Direct bonus, 10% of the weaker leg and VIP bonus for the purchase of matrixes by the people you recruit are automatically added to GREEN WALLET, so you do not have to wait for the transfer as in the case of blue&mining wallet.


 Without recommendationWith recommendation 
Binary PlanMinimum deposit: 100$
We get from 0.5% -1.5% daily from our contribution for 120 days.
With a deposit of $1,000, you unlock the bonus - you receive 8% on the deposit of our referrals.
With a deposit of $250 - the same as above, while the percentage bonus is smaller and is reduced to 4%.
Matrixes / Mining (expire after 18 months)

1. $ 250 Matrix – 12.5 MH / s
2. $ 500 Matrix – 25 MH / s
3. $ 1000 Matrix – 50 MH / s
1. You gain $ 0.71 daily
2. You gain $ 1.43 daily
3. You gain $ 2.85 daily

= while having all matrixes 4.99 $ / day
If one of our registered customers will purchase a matrix that we have bought ourselves, we get 5% of that amount.
If you have a matrix for 1000 $50% VIP BONUS:

We get a 50% commission on the purchase of matrixes of people recruited by our refferals.
2% increase in computing power bought by partners of our partners
10% BONUS FROM BINARYAfter recruiting one person up and down, we get 10% of the weaker leg.

exp asset nagrody

In addition to the bonuses coming out from the marketing plan, Exp Asset Ltd. has prepared very attractive prizes for active users with appropriate qualifications, included in the Career Plan with the Exp Asset Ltd. company.

Prize list:

1.Infiniti Q70

2. Infiniti Q50

3. Rolex Submariner or Breitling Naviter 01

4. All-Inclusive trip for two people

5. iPhone 7


My feedback

This is the first platform of this kind which I am using, so I can’t really compare my experience to anything else. I made the first payment in november (I’ve invested into a binary plan) and purchased matrixes. Since then, the amount of withdrawals has been slowly increasing from month to month.

In general, if you are interested in this type of platform, you’ve acted or worked dynamically for example in Futurenet, I think that you will find a lot of features for yourself, although the differences in the operation on these two platforms are significant.

An undoubted advantage is that we get – first of all good quality EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS and also an opportunity of gaining profit, so we can say that this platform gives us two benefits simultaneously.



If something is still unclear, or you have any doubts – leave a comment. I will answer your questions with pleasure 🙂



  1. Alfonso on December 19, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    Hi Damien,

    I have two questions for you.

    1. Can you transfer your accumulated fund to another BTC address outside the Exp asset?
    2. How can someone cash out their funds after the 120 days period expire?


    • Admin on December 19, 2018 at 4:19 pm

      Hey Alfonso,

      1. Yes, you can transfer (widthdraw) your funds from EXP ASSET to whatever BTC address you want.
      2. You don’t cash out your funds after 120 days – you can cash out your funds much much sooner.

      You get “profit” from your binary plan investment every day and these funds move to your green wallet after one week. If you have accumulated at least 50$ then you can cash out it immediately after that week.

      So for example you invested 1000$ in binary – every day (except weekends) you get let’s say 10$ in your PROFIT WALLET (the blue one). When the week ends your WHOLE WEEK PROFITS (around 50$ in this case because 10$ per day x 5) are moved to green wallet and from green wallet you can withdraw them immediately to your BTC address. So generaly you can withdraw your accumulated profits one time per week.

      – BUT If you get bonus for referring people you can cash out profits everyday because it’s already added to your green wallet.


  2. Eve on January 1, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Hi Damien,

    Few Questions:

    1. What’s best and/or easier platform to used when funding my EXP Asset account to start?

    2. For Matrixes/ Mining – the rates quotes above totaling $4.99, are those set rates or do the vary day to day based on market value? If it’s a set rate does that mean we’re lock in on those rates for the entire 18 month contract?

    3. 5% Matrix is on your personal enrollers in your binary tree or both personal and registered enrollers that fall below you?

    4. 50% VIP Bonus – So we get 50% only on the investments of the persons our recruited persons referred? So not of the person we recruited?

    5. How does the accumulated points work for the prizes? I’m guessing it’s based on accumulation of point from binary, but is it total points from both legs?

    6. Binary tree, how are the points added in order to calculate the 10% weak leg pay out? The “point” are based on everyone total amounts paid initially or total amounts currently in every ones binary plan wallet?

    Lastly, at any point with all that is learnt from the educational packages offered will we be able to actually trade on this platform?

    Great presentation and breakdown of information, much success in this journey…

  3. Andrew on January 6, 2019 at 3:49 am

    Best exp asset review!

  4. Norman on January 6, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    Can i withdraw all my funds that i put in binary plan after 120 days or simply the interest because what i read that only the profit that is why 20% only.

    • Admin on January 7, 2019 at 12:31 am

      You can withdraw everything. If you put for example 1000$ in binary plan you will withdraw 1200$ so the “profit” is 200 bucks.

      BTW you don’t need to wait 120 days – every week profits from binary plan investment are moved from blue wallet (the wallet which shows your investment profits) to green wallet. From green wallet you can withdraw them instantly, so you can compound it if you want and keep reinvesting your “profits”.

  5. T on February 3, 2019 at 10:07 am

    >> UPDATE: From February 17, Exp Asset has reduced the amount which you will have to pay
    to unlock DIRECT BONUS.

    when was this update??? “From February 17” means, February 17, 2019 ? it there an official announcement about this?

    and that means, only new unlocked user (who unlocked after Feb. 17.) will get 4%, or all of unlocked user will only get 4% – means, the users that deposited 1k will be downgraded to get 4% bonus as well?

    • Admin on February 4, 2019 at 2:45 pm


      No, It’s update from February 17 2018, so from last year.

      You won’t be downgraded to 4%. It’s change for people who don’t have much money and can’t deposit 1000$ right away to unlock 8% direct bonus. Now people with smaller budgets can also benefit from building structure/team but with smaller bonus percentage which is 4%.

      So If you deposit 1000$ (or up) in Binary – you get 8% direct deposit bonus, if anything below (minimum is 100$) you get 4%.

      The 1000$ must be deposited at once so for example if you will start with 100$ and later deposit 900$ you won’t get upgraded from 4% to 8%. You would need to deposit firstly 100$ and then 1000$ (instead 900$ like in previous example) to be later upgraded to 8% direct deposit bonus.

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m making v2 version of this article because it’s still not clear for some people. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

      Cheers =)

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